Q: Do the models in FIDES Guide 2004 Issue A address products that meet WEEE and RoHS requirements? If not, is a revision coming that will address WEEE and RoHS compliant material and when is the revision expected to be available?


The RoHS requirements concern mainly (but not only) the lead-free solders. Today the substitute alloys are not stabilized. After some first investigations, the FIDES Group has concluded that it will be very hard to build realistic models in the next two years. So the answer to this question is no, this will probably not be addressed in the next issue of FIDES methodology. The WEEE requirements have for the moment, and from the FIDES Group point of view, very few or no impact on electronic design. The only possible impact identified today concern the removal of the item. In the field of aeronautic and defense were electronic board are almost ever interchangeable for easy maintenance, this is not a problem. So the answer to this question is yes, WEEE compliant product are already covered by FIDES methodology.