Q: Page 69. Why are the basic failure rates of TSSOP8, TSOP6 and SO8 packages for discrete semiconductor page 69 not the same as the basic failure rates for the same packages


Although this data for discrete semiconductor are not a mistake, it is now recommended to use the same failure rates as for IC's packages. So the basic failure rates for this packages shall be taken in the following table.


CaseEquivalent Names Description?0RH(FIT)?0Tcy_Case(FIT)?0Tcy_Solder joints (FIT)

?0 Mechanical(FIT)

TSSOP 8 – Discrete Thin Shrink Small Outlines, L lead, plastic0.00745 0.000102 0.00051


TSOP 6 – Discrete Thin Small Outlines, leads on long edges, L lead, plastic0.0114 0.000458 0.0023


SO 8 - Discrete Plastic Small Outlines, L lead, plastic0.00304 0.000147 0.000734