Automotive Mission Profile Example

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Naveen Kumar
Automotive Mission Profile Example

Hi,In FIDES, some examples of life profile available. I need example Life profile for Automobile products both for Engine compartment and passenger compartment (Similar to IEC TR 62380). Could you please provide me the Automotive mission profile example.  

Automotive life profile

Dear Mr Kumar,I am now retired from PSA Group (65 years old) but I am going on with FIDES Work group, especially for life profile questions.During several pas years I have been studying automotice life profiles, and my point of view is that no example can be useful, because the functions and the locations of electronic devices in a car are extremely diverse. Some are sensitive with the power that an engine dissipates, others are only heated after that the car stops because of the "cool-down" phenomenon, others are exposed to the air conditionning system, others to the sun, etc. When the speed of the car is high some devices work hard (engine ECU) and others are waiting (steering).So I am working for a tool which can simulate specific life of any specific device, not to build examples, but to justify easily life profile data.Best regards - François JACQUART