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Hi everyone,


I need help about one thing,


I'm doing MTBF using FIDES,

I have downloaded "" and now I'm using "emptyTemplate.xls" and I don't know one thing. If I want to do a detail Method, the sheet "PART COUNT" and "FAMILY COUNT" mustn't use, right?

On the other hand, If I want to realice a Part Count Method, the sheet "PART COUNT" should be filled, and the same with "FAMILIES COUNT", right?


Thank you for your help,


Hope your answer,



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Hi Maria,


Yes, you are right. Do not forget to fill the mission profile, application and ruggedizing parameters (all blue sheets in the template).


Please also notice you can find some help into the software, by clicking on FIDES right top side of the HMI.

I hope you will find this helpful.

Have a nice day,