Solder Paste Reliability estimation?

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David BARI
Solder Paste Reliability estimation?

Hello, I would like to know if the solder paste of a PCB can be considered as a specific HW component or if it is comprised in the PCB itself?

My point is to make estimation of FIT because I am facing cracks issue on solder paste in some PCB for automotive application

Thank you for your help

Solder Paste Reliability estimation?

Hi there,

as far as I understand this the "Norris-Landzberg  model" defines the reliability of a solder or a thermo-mechanical fatigue. And as you can see, this is used for PiTCy. Keep note, that within Fides guide issue A this is set for SnPb solder and NOT lead-free such as SAC.

As in real-life cracks, I'd have a look at what solder you are using (SnPb or lead-free), whether or not your component pads are designed for SnPb solder or lead-free, PCB footprint pad and also the solder profile.