FIDES 2022 French Guide Release And now English (19/07/2023)

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FIDES 2022 French Guide Release And now English (19/07/2023)

Bonjour à tous,


Le GTR IMdR FIDES est fier de vous présenter le guide FIDES dans sa version 2022 en français, nous espérons mettre à disposition la version anglaise d'ici un mois.

Le logiciel ExperTool actuellement mis à disposition sur le site ne permet pas de prendre en compte cette nouvelle version. Le GTR FIDES est en train de lancer le projet FP16 "Mise à Jour de l’outil FIDES ExperTool", un appel à candidats sera émis dès que nous aurons fini de boucler le cahier des charges. Compte tenu de notre expérience lors du développement du premier opus d'ExperTool nous pensons que l'outil sera disponible entre septembre et décembre 2024.

Nous vous souhaitons le meilleur avec FIDES


Hello everyone,

The FIDES IMdR WorkGroup is proud to present the FIDES guide in its 2022 version in French, we hope to make the English version available within a month.

The ExperTool software currently available on the site does not allow to take into account this new version. The FIDES WorkGroup is currently launching the FP16 project " Update of the FIDES ExperTool tool", a call for candidates will be issued as soon as we have completed the specifications. Based on our experience during the development of the first instalment of ExperTool we believe that the tool will be available between September and December 2024.

We wish you the best with FIDES


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Improvements in 2022 version


Thanks for bringing out the much awaited new version of FIDES Guide as FIDES 2022. Eagerly waiting for the English version.

In the meantime, can you tell in nutshell about the improvements made in version 2022 vis-a-vis version 2009.

Hello, the proofreading of

Hello, the proofreading of the English guide is longer than expected because we lack availability.

We hope to release the guide soon, the final proofreading is ongoing but we found several mistakes in the french version so we need to check in the english version


The main changes with Fides 2022 are :

Mission profile and unit of time - Modified the baseline duration of all the formulae to use the total mission profile duration rather than 8760 h, which applies to the specific case of a mission profile with a duration of one year

Rewrote all formula to make it independent from the annual duration (replace 8760 by Ttotal)

Added a recommendation to considerer 0.01 Grms as a minimum, even in the absence of vibration

Added a methodology paragraph with recommendations on how to construct mission profiles

New categories of package for integrated circuits and update of the previous ones

Segregation of the power semiconductors form discrete semiconductors, add a PiPower fr the power semiconductors

Ceramic capacitors    Modified the classification boundaries for CV products

Film capacitors    Added the model from IMdR study

RF/MW: Integrated circuits & discrete semiconductors : model mprovements and evolutions

Updates in the Pi Process


Update !

Grande nouvelle,

Le guide FIDES est maintenant disponible en version A en Français et en Anglais dans la section téléchargement.
Comme indiqué cela a pris un peu plus de temps que prévu mais grace au travail de tous nous vous proposons ces documents.
Bonne lecture à vous et je vous souhaite le meilleur avec FIDES


Big news,

The FIDES guide is now available in A version in English and French in the download section.
As indicated it took a little longer than expected but thanks to the work of all we offer you these documents.
Have a good read and I wish you all the best with FIDES.