FIDES 2022 typos?

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FIDES 2022 typos?

Hi there,

just to be sure; FIDES guide 2022, page 148, Resistor section; there is a missing lambda factor in front of PiRH function, right?

It is referenced one page earlier (147) in a table.


My guess is that equation was copied from e.g. LEDs where a lambda_physical is written a bit differently.

Thank you in advance.

Hi,You are correct the gamma


You are correct the gamma RH is missing.

I will see to correct this error. This could lead to a new version, so it is likely that we are waiting for more errors.

Thanks for the feedback,

Hi,understood. Thank you for


understood. Thank you for clarification. So far I have not went through the whole document yet but these are the things I've found so far:

* Can I also propose an update to tables on pages 125-127; specifically, since the rest of document decimal points are in dots,  can the comma be replaced to make it consistent?

* Same table as above: As also the "8 à 68"; it is perhaps meant as "<="; though, in 2009 issue A document it was "to".

* Third, on page 138 with newly introduced piPW factor and formula (image below); the dot in the middle is perhaps meant as "x" (multiply) and refactoring would be better. To be consistent as with piPM formula (page 131) and etc..


Also, do you perhaps know if for discrete semi (page 135+) also packages such as SOT883 or DFN type will be included in the next revision? Or it shall be only typos that are being fixed?

Hi, Thanks for the feedback,



Thanks for the feedback, the PiPW is quite a surprise.

For the update, only typo will be fixed. For SMD case it's a lost battle (New models are multiplying like cockroaches), you can only use similarity to choose the best fit in the list.