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FIDES Excel Tool

Hello All

Just a remark : I′m currently working with the last issue of FIDES Excel tool (FIDES Mill V2004A-2- Composant.xls) and using the "Output" page.

My project contains 198 components, and unfortunately, it seems that the "output" page contains only 191 lines.

Then it is not possible to use this powerful toll totaly.



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Re: FIDES Excel Tool

Dear Sylvain,

A luck your project "only" has 198 references, because this is the max of FIDES Mill and with 199 you should have used two files !

The sheet in the FIDES Mill tool are locked to protect the calculations against wrong modification.

But you can add new sheets to build your own outputs, diagrams, synthesis and so on. Indeed, a spreasheet is a powerfull tools easy to customize, unlike commercial tools.

Of course, if a new version of the FIDES Mill is built, we will also extend the output to 198 lines.