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missing results


I am a new user.

I entered components in FIDES Mill V2004A -2- Component.xls in the sheet "Input - Components"

I am getting answers in "output" sheet columns D, E, F. But colunm C shows #REF! for every line.

What am I doing wrong?


Paul Majchrzak.

(email: pmajchrzak@moog.com)


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Re: missing results

Dear Paul,

There is many possible explanations.

1. Verify you have entered a name for the component in the line 4 "Name" of the "Input - Component" sheet.

2. Verify you have entered all the necessary parameters for the evaluation. Try to use temporarily the default value for Pi_PM and Pi_induced to check your work.

3. Be sure not to use a corrupted spreadsheet. Remember the tool is only a spreadsheet, full of links and formulaes. Sometimes after a cut and paste the links between cells become wrong and the file is no more usable. It is recommanded to be careful with cut and paste and to paste only the "value".

I hope this will help you.