FIDES Tutorial ?

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FIDES Tutorial ?

Hi ,

I am just wondering if there are any tutorials on how to use the FIDES software about. Or if anyone has written up a sort of "dummies guide". I feel FIDES has all the attributes to be a great tool but I am having problems in getting started. Therefore I am wondering if there are perhaps a tutorial taking you through an example prediction.

Basically I have a parts list of a control card I want to evaluate, is is therefore just a case of populating the component workbook with the parts list?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Re: FIDES Tutorial ?

Dear Stuart,

No, such a tutorial does not exist or is not free. In France, there is today some training courses about FIDES which have such content. But I take your idea of a "getting started" tutorial. That may help many. Thank you!

Best regards,