FIDES Guide 2009: Tools

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FIDES Guide 2009: Tools

About tools to implement the new FIDES Guide :

It is not planned to update the existing FIDES Mill spreadsheet.

A software tool implementing the FIDES Guide 2009 has already been developped by NORISKO. It will be available soon on the market. A restricted version of this software (restricted to 30 references) will be available without charge. Internet link and download will be provided later.

Today, many software editors, well known in the field of reliability, have announced a development of FIDES module or tools.

To my knowledge:

- ALD has supported FIDES methodology from the begining and, with RAM commander, was the first to propose a FIDES 2004A module. We expect a FIDES 2009 tool this year.

- RELEX has been also in close contact with the FIDES Group this year as they are developping a FIDES module for their tool.

- RELIASOFT, ITEM also announced to the FIDES Group their intent to have a FIDES module in their software.

- Also some less known editors are interested. I recommand them to open thread on this forum to describe their project (that shall remain information and not becomes advertising)! As FIDES is an innovative methodology, new and innovative tools may be the best choice!

- BQR proposes a FIDES 2004A module in the CARE tool. BQR has not announced new development for now, but it may come.

All the best with FIDES!


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As Relex user, I′ve received Relex 2009 update and among its calculation methods, FIDES 2004 is listed.


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Thank you!

This is a good news.

s.pasquet (not verified)
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Hello, AS RAM Commander user, ALD planned to deliver the FIDES 2009 module in January 2010. Regards
Shiv Prasad
Regarding Phase 1 Application volatge of Capacitor


Can i use FIDES for Part count method?