How to use FIDES excel's files

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How to use FIDES excel's files


I′m a begineer in FIDES method and I′d like to know how to begin with FIDES excel′s files.



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Re: How to use FIDES excel's files
There is no user guide for the FIDES Mill Excel tool. We have always assumed that it was easy to use for someone well aware of the FIDES methodology and familiar with Excel. And indeed, feedbacks we have show it is on the whole a realistic assumption.
In any case, the first step is to read the FIDES Guide himself. Too much users rush on the tool and try to use it without knowing the methodology. Even if you use the FIDES Guide 2004A, note that there is a lot of new didactic contents in the 2009 edition, especially on life profile construction.
Nevertheless, if you have a more precise question, don′t hesitate to use this forum.
A free tool implementing FIDES Guide 2009 will be available for download in about one month. It is not based on excel, and the use is restricted in terms of number of references.
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