Saisie du λ0 dans l'outil excel

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Saisie du λ0 dans l'outil excel

I don′t understand why in the tool excel λ0 (own failure rate of component in the initial conditions) isn′t taken into account. While it speaks well
λphysical function of λ0 in the guide FIDES 2009 (page 27). Can you enlighten me on this?


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Re: Saisie du λ0 dans l'outil excel


This question would have more properly been posted in the "Tool" section of the forum.

Unfortunately, I have not understood your question. Lambda_0 are of course in the FIDES Mill tool (Excel), and this tool implement the 2004 A version of the FIDES Guide.

Please, try to be more precise. Use French if it helps.