Thanks for FIDES group

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Thanks for FIDES group
I want send thanks to the FIDES group for that site. I wish prosperity for that service which can be very usefull for all of us.
Wish you success...
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Re: Thanks for FIDES group
That′s a great thing that Fides consortium get his own website in order to promote the methodology.

Thank′s for sending me the link

I update the french Wikipedia topic on Fides [url]é)[/url] (created last summer), by including a link to this website, and a few words at the end.
I think that the article will help this website to be know, he is in the firts answers when searching for fides or fides fiabilité on french google.
An english translation of this article for the Wiki US should help to.

I have tried the links for downloading the methodology and the excel file
Re: Thanks for FIDES group
Damm it first post and double posting..

I have failed in using the link editor, so i tried a classical method on phpbb forum.
I get a preview an di missclick on update instead of cancel, and it seems that there is no way to edit my own post.

I also have to finish my phrase on the downloading sections, when selecting save under ... the filetype is erased.
That′s not a problem for the excel file (excel tool in the downloading box), but for the guide there no information that the filetype is .pdf

Good luck to the website
Re: Thanks for FIDES group
Thank you for your support and encouragements !