Fuses & Batteries in V2009 Excel tool

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Tobias Luderer
Fuses & Batteries in V2009 Excel tool


Why does the V2009 tool for parts count and family count not contain all components and/or families as explained in the FIDES guide 2009. I understand from previous forums that an update of the 2004 COTS spreadsheet to include 2009 changes is not planned, but an excel spreadsheet tool claiming to be 2009 conform, that does not have all parts and families is not good.

Are there any generic family values for fuses and batteries? I have been reading various forums entries on this site and reading through the 2004 & 2009 guides and not found an values. How are the values displayed on the respective calculations in the V2009 tool generated, i can not find them represented in the 2009 guide? 

I am interested in performing the calculations for the fuse and battery components seperately and adding them to my project afterwards.

A seperate question; we have had trouble getting the free demo software to work properly on our PC, it gives us a "Table dbo_Version absente!" error, any help would be appreciate. But even if we do manage to get it working, are the fuses and batteries incorporated into this demo version?

Thank you in advance for your reply. 


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1) Batteries and fuses are not in the Excel Tool.
Yes. The Excel tool (provided for part count and family count) complies with the FIDES Guide in this aspect. Batteries and fuses are not covered by the part count and family count methods. You should use the full model for this parts.
2)  Update of the 2004 Excel tool is not planned.
Yes. This will not be an update. But you could have red in this forum that a brand new tool, once again based on Excel interface, once again free, will be available soon.
3) Family values for fuses and batteries...
I don't clearly understand your question. Indeed, and again, fuses and batteries are not covered in part count and family count. 
4) Table dbo_Version absente.
This question is already covered and answered by another topic in this forum. 

Tobias Luderer

Dear Lambda, thanks for your speedy reply.

 1) your reference to the full model, most likely refers to one of the commercially available products with the FIDES methodolgy. I am currently not in a postion to purchase any of these products.

 2) I did not find the entry on a new tool, but I will be very interested in it when it becomes available.

 3) My question here was general, the values represented in the calculation tables, how are they calculated? I would like to know how the values used in the calculation tables (eg. Thermal lTh, EaTh, To, etc...) correspond to the values and formulas found in the guide? 

4) Yes I have already read this comment and did what was stated, but it still does not work. I still get the same error message after changing the "CheminAccessBC=" data. What does the comment about Compdata mean? Maybe there was further information in the french part of the forum, but unfortunately i do not understand it.

 Yours sincerely Ian


1) I was speaking of the full model as described in the Guide, not refering to any tool : for this parts you can not use part count or family count  but shall use the "full" detailed methodologie.
3) The tool is a quite direct implementation of the Guide. All values used are taken in the Guide. If you want to understand further how the tool works, you will have to investigate yourself because explaining the tool would be too much time consuming.
4) Launch an automatic URL traduction. It should give an understandable english. Then try the solution proposed. If it still doesn't work, please open a new thread in the forum with details on your problem. Or wait Autumn to have the new tool...