Specification of explosive bolt reliabilty

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Specification of explosive bolt reliabilty
Aslam-o-Alaikum Explosive bolt is a one shot device that remains most of its life in dormant enviroment. what should I predict? 1.Its probablity of success 2. misson reliability (mission time 5 ms) 3. Dormant reliabilty(how?) 4. Life? (failure) Thanks in advance for Suggestions.
Re: Specification of explosive bolt reliabilty

Allah Hafiz,

You can assess the electric part or the EED like a power wirewound resistor. This give a constant failure rate. Even if the failure rate is low, it may become a big probability after a long time... but nevertheless small compare to the usual operational reliability of such devices.

After that, you have to take into account the pyrotechnical (and mechanical) elements.

Life duration is always a big concern for pyrotechnics. It shall be taken into account, but not necessarily in the reliability calculation.

Finaly as the production process is a key factor in EED quality, and as a one shot device can not be tested, a constant probability of success "on sollicitation" is often used for such devices.