Transils and Transrbs

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Miyuki Miyaoka
Transils and Transrbs

Hello everyone, 


In page 111 of FIDES Guide 2022 English version, transils and transorbs are considered as protection components.  My understanding of these components is as follows:


1. Transils: ESD suppressors manufactured by STMicroelectronics


2. Transorbs: Transient-voltage-suppression diode.


Is my understanding correct or not?

Transils and Transzorbs

Hello, Miyuki. Transil and Transzorb are trademarks. The FIDES document should better change that for TVS (transient suppressor diode), which is the generic denomination for both.


Miyuki Miyaoka
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Hello rolfveen,

Thank you for your reply.  It was very helpful to learn that "Transzorb" (manufactured by Viahsy) is also a trademark.