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After some search on this forum, I don′t find my happiness. But I think you′re probably the answer. I work with Fides guide, and particularly with the Excel tool - component. On electronic card, I′ve got different components, but one of them are not indicate, for example switch (in french it is "interrupteur à glissière 4 contacts DIP8 CMS 2 positions"). I would like to know, if it exist a way to integrate this switch in my calculation. And I′ve the same problem with fuse and push bottom. Which is the solution to integrate components who are not define in this guide?

Thank you very much for your answers.

PS: sorry for the text, I try to write in english,but I don′t often use english.
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Re: Switch

Dear Fabien,

First, a good new : switches (actually most commutators) and fuses will be in the next version of the FIDES Guide.

For switches, the less far model available in the FIDES Guide 2004 is relay.

For fuses, the best palliative models are probably fixed resistor (if you want to take into acount an humidity contribution) or the CERMET (if you prefer to insist on the thermal contribution).

It is a constant part of the reliability engineering to make the right modelizations!

All the best with FIDES !