Connector - temperature rise

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Connector - temperature rise
Dear Everybody,

I try to define the "insert temperature rise" for the connectors. The formula is simple, Delta T = a * Icontact1.85.
But to determine "a", we need the gauge, or the section in square millimeters. I have got a connector, who are a half pair soldered on a printed circuit, and the other half pair soldered on an another printed circuit. And in this case, we have not got the gauge. When can I calculate the temparature rise.


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Re: Connector - temperature rise

Dear Fabien,

- Search the datasheet of the connector. This data is probably given!

- The conversion between the diameter (in inches) and the gauge is defined by the AWG (American Wire Gauge). See explanations: . A simplified formula is also : ø = 0,32" x 2-G/6

- The gauge is often defined accordind to the max current. If you know the current in the pins of your connector, you can approximate a realistic gauge.

- If you have thermal analysis of your boards, the temperature rise hase probably been assessed.

- If you have absolutely no idea of the temperature rise (for example your doing some kind of "part count"?): make your analysis with a default value, for example 10°C. After your analysis is completed, make a sensibility analysis (try rises of 0°C, 20°C, 50°C...I don′t know how far it is realistic to go for your boards) and look at the impact on your prediction to determine if you need a rigorous assessement or not.

All the best with FIDES!