Fuse models

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Fuse models
First, hello Fides and thanks for this website !
Do the fuses and/or protection devices are taken into account ? If not, can it be expected ?
More generally, could it be possible to know components that are envisaged to be added in a close future ?
Re: Fuse models
The fuses ar not actually covered by Fides Edition A, can you explain a bit more what kind of protection devices your looking for.
Currently i don′t know what kind of device will be added (my informations on subject are to old), you must have to get the information from a consortium member.

Re: Fuse models

Dear all,

Concerning the fuses, following the repeated requests for a fuse model, the FIDES Group has decided to make his best effort to include a fuse model in the next issue of the FIDES Guide (planned in 2008). That will not be be an imposing model, but it will help out.

Nevertheless, I woul like to quote a famous document (guess wich!) about fuses reliability:: "The reliability of fuses presents a unique problem: Unlike most other components, there is very little correlation between the number of fuse replacements and actual fuse failures. Generally, when a fuse opens, or "blows", something else in the circuit has created an overload condition and the fuse is simply functionning as designed."

We allready have built new models for :

- DC/DC converters.

- ASICs (an adaptation of the IC′ model)

- High stability, precision, metal foil resistors

And we are working on, for example:

- Power supply (as a COTS sub assembly).

- Hybrid, MCM.

- Switches, contactors.

- ...