Multiple discrete in single package

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Multiple discrete in single package


How can I modelize a single package with two transistors, for example an IRF7389PbF (two MOS FET in a SO-8 package)?

Shall I consider only one chip, two, or square(2)?

And how shall I enter such a modelization in the FIDES Mill Tool?


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Re: Multiple discrete in single package

Good question. And you have indeed pointed out the possibles choices with the FIDES Guide 2004A.

I have the same question for multiple transformers integrated in an SOIC16 like package (like HALO TG110 for example).

What are the posibility to take into account :

- The package itself (it has the footprint of a SOIC16 but is probably not the same as the SOIC for IC).

- The number of transformers integrated in the same package.